The Diptych Project: Inspired by Edouard Boubat

DSC_3065Boubat (1 of 1)

Top: Evie {UK}                                                                                                                    Bottom: Ann {USA}

Evie on her photo:
It was Ann who suggested Edouard Boubat and as I hadn’t previously heard of him, I really enjoyed coming at this with a blank canvas.
As I reseached I found two things to inspired me with my photograph choice, one was this photo of a woman on a bridge and this quote

 “Because I know war… because I know the horror, I don’t want to add to it. ………After the war, we felt the need to celebrate life, and for me photography was the means to achieve this…”

Bridges are all about life and movement, no one rests on a  bridge. My photo was taken over the summer at Canary Wharf, the people in my photo are all their for different reasons, going to different places celebrating life in their own way.

Ann on her photo:                                                                                                                 It is a complete coincidence that Evie and I both chose bridges as central themes in our photos this week!  I love the contrast between our two bridges: from the heavily trodden to the abandoned and overgrown.  Even though the bridge I photographed no longer sees trains cross it’s rails, the bridge has become something of organic beauty through the new growth amidst the decay.

I have been learning about Edouard Boubat through the book “The Monograph” which highlights a selection of Boubat’s personal and professional photos.  His photographs exude so much warmth and grace through his uses of light, movement, and the way people relate to one another ands their environment.  I find his work hugely inspiring!

Why don’t you check out Edouard Boubat and see if he can inspire you in a photo you take.  We would love it if you would share your photos at The Diptych Project on Facebook.

To see more from Ann, visit her blog at Oh Beauty.
To see more from Evie, visit her blog at Got Passion?


One thought on “The Diptych Project: Inspired by Edouard Boubat

  1. What a brilliant coincidence that you both chose bridges! One full of people, and one overgrown, but both beautiful and teeming with life of one sort or another. I love both these photos, and will try and learn about Edouard Boubat.

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